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When I was about eight, my mother gave me a Babette doll (sorry, I was not a Barbie fan) and began sewing doll clothes. My mother was a fashionista and had custom-made clothes and would give me left over pieces of fabrics to sew.


After taking – and hating – home economics in high school, I lost my desire to sew. It was renewed while I was in college because it was close to Cone Mills in Greensboro, NC. Cone Mills was a big producer of fabrics at the time and found that 6-7 yards of fabric could cost as little as $3.


Since I’ve always held an interest in design and art I attended, for a short time, the Emily Griffith Opportunity School in Denver. I was a member of the National Association of Fabric and Accessory Designers.


While working and going to school I was a seamstress. My interests expanded to include jewelry and miniatures and accessories for dolls and doll houses.


In 2017, my best friend and I attended a jewelry show where she wanted me to see the quilt booth she encountered before I arrived. The booth happened to be the Rocky Mountain Wa Shonaji Quilt Guild. I immediately felt a connection and became a member. This was the tipping point to my journey into the fiber arts. I collected quilting fabric and went to quilt stores looking at quilts, but it was my one quilt class then learning techniques at Wa Shonaji that took me on the journey I am on today.



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